[mrtg] Network Weathermap with MRTG

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Dec 28 21:13:47 MET 2006

Hello, all.

I've been playing with the Network Weathermap tool found at 
Is anyone else using this, or something similar?

Although it claims to be for cacti, it actually will work rather nicely
with MRTG, provided you have a .rrd backend and a frontend that can
generate popup graphs, such as routers2.cgi.  The drawback is that you
need to run the map generation via cron or similar because it does not
generate it on-demand - however this is a relatively low CPU load.

Using this, you can get dynamic colour changes and graphs to show
network health, very popular with our networking guys.  If you want to
configure it with MRTG/RRD/routers2 then you need to use configurations

NODE cfgfile.cfg
        POSITION 300 400
        LABEL My Router
        INFOURL /cgi-bin/routers2.cgi?rtr=cfgfile.cfg&if=__none

LINK targetname
        NODES cfgfile.cfg othercfgfile.cfg
        INFOURL /cgi-bin/routers2.cgi?rtr=cfgfile.cfg&if=targetname
        TARGET /path/to/rrd/files/targetname.rrd:ds0:ds1
        BANDWIDTH 1G

of course changing the cfgfile.cfg and targetname parameters, and the
/path/to/rrd/files as necessary.  There's no reason why you should not
be able to do similar with other frontends like mrtg-rrd as well.  Note
that you need to install the RRD-PHP interface on the server for this to
work, though.

I'm currently working on a Perl/Tk script for dynamically editing the
config file and automatically inserting all these details.  If anyone is
interested in trying this out or having a play with the beta map editor
then please let me know.


Steve Shipway
ITSS, University of Auckland 
(09) 3737 599 x 86487
s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz

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