[mrtg] logs don't work

Zargos zargos_lord1 at yahoo.fr
Sat Feb 18 10:33:35 MET 2006


i have 4 value, all the same except the MaxBytes. The target is a shell 
script that return the measured value, zéro, uptime in human readable 
form and hostname.
One is doing well, with each new value generating a new line in the 
log/old log file. But the three other still keep the value all to zéro 
except the first line set with the 2 numerical values supplied by the 
shell script.

Here is the concerned part of the mrtg.cfg file:
# Options Générales

HtmlDir: /var/www/html/mrtg-stats/html
ImageDir: /var/www/html/mrtg-stats/images
LogDir: /var/www/html/mrtg-stats/logs
IconDir: /var/www/html/mrtg-stats/icons

Refresh: 300
Interval: 5
#RunAsDaemon: Yes

NoMib2: Yes

Language: french

PageTop[^]: <div class="pageup">
 <img src="../../images/fchg.png" alt="Fondcombe" />
PageTop[$]: <div class="global">
PageFoot[^]: </div>
 <div class="footer">
   <div class="home">
     <a href="../../index.php">Home</a>
   <div class="images">
     <img src="../../images/mrtg-ti.png" alt="Multi-Router Traffic 
Grapher" />
     <img src="../../images/w3chtml401.png" alt="Conforme HTML 4.01" />
     <img src="../../images/w3ccss.png" alt="Conforme CSS 2.1" />
   <p>Pour tout problème, ou toute information complémentaire, contacter 
l'<a href="mailto:admin at enedwaith.com">administrateur</a></p>
   <p>&copy; Copyright Laurent Mesuré Janvier 2006</p>

AddHead[_]: <link rel="stylesheet" href="../../styles/defaut.css" 
type="text/css" />

Colours[_]: clair#bd966d,fonce#b93f33,rouge#ff0000,orange#ff8000

# Octets droppé iptables
Target[doctets]: `/var/www/html/mrtg-stats/bin/divstats.sh Wilfrid doctets`
MaxBytes[doctets]: 12500000
Title[doctets]: Analyse DROP iptables (octets)
PageTop[doctets]: <div class="pagetop">
   <p>Analyse DROP iptables (octets)</p>
Directory[doctets]: doctets
PNGTitle[doctets]: DROP iptables
Options[doctets]: growright,transparent,nobanner,noo
YLegend[doctets]: octets/sec
ShortLegend[doctets]: o/s
Legend1[doctets]: Traffic DROP iptables en octets par seconde
Legend3[doctets]: Traffic DROP iptables max. sur 5 minutes
LegendI[doctets]: &nbsp;DROP:
WithPeak[doctets]: wmy

# Octets rejetés iptables
Target[roctets]: `/var/www/html/mrtg-stats/bin/divstats.sh Wilfrid roctets`
MaxBytes[roctets]: 12500
Title[roctets]: Analyse REJECT iptables (octets)
PageTop[roctets]: <div class="pagetop">
   <p>Analyse REJECT iptables (octets)</p>
Directory[roctets]: roctets
PNGTitle[roctets]: REJECT iptables
Options[roctets]: growright,transparent,nobanner,noo
YLegend[roctets]: octets/sec
ShortLegend[roctets]: o/s
Legend1[roctets]: Traffic REJECT iptables en octets par seconde
Legend3[roctets]: Traffic REJECT iptables max. sur 5 minutes
LegendI[roctets]: &nbsp;REJECT:
WithPeak[roctets]: wmy

# Packets droppé iptables
Target[dpaquets]: `/var/www/html/mrtg-stats/bin/divstats.sh Wilfrid 
MaxBytes[dpaquets]: 12500
Title[dpaquets]: Analyse DROP iptables (paquets)
PageTop[dpaquets]: <div class="pagetop">
   <p>Analyse DROP iptables (paquets)</p>
Directory[dpaquets]: dpaquets
PNGTitle[dpaquets]: DROP iptables
Options[dpaquets]: growright,transparent,nobanner,noo
YLegend[dpaquets]: paquets/sec
ShortLegend[dpaquets]: p/s
Legend1[dpaquets]: Traffic DROP iptables en paquets par seconde
Legend3[dpaquets]: Traffic DROP iptables max. sur 5 minutes
LegendI[dpaquets]: &nbsp;DROP:
WithPeak[dpaquets]: wmy

# Packets rejetés iptables
Target[rpaquets]: `/var/www/html/mrtg-stats/bin/divstats.sh Wilfrid 
MaxBytes[rpaquets]: 12500
Title[rpaquets]: Analyse REJECT iptables (paquets)
PageTop[rpaquets]: <div class="pagetop">
   <p>Analyse REJECT iptables (paquets)</p>
Directory[rpaquets]: rpaquets
PNGTitle[rpaquets]: REJECT iptables
Options[rpaquets]: growright,transparent,nobanner
YLegend[rpaquets]: paquets/sec
ShortLegend[rpaquets]: p/s
Legend1[rpaquets]: Traffic REJECT iptables en paquets par seconde
Legend3[rpaquets]: Traffic REJECT iptables max. sur 5 minutes
LegendI[rpaquets]: &nbsp;REJECT:
WithPeak[rpaquets]: wmy



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