[mrtg] Re: SNMP informant and MRTG

Garth K. Williams garth.williams at wtcs.org
Thu Jan 19 06:41:30 MET 2006

Committed bytes can not be added to available bytes to equal installed

If you are looking for Total Physical Memory, then I suggest you use the
Mib-II Hosts OID (.

SNMP Informant pulls from Performance Counter, and as such does not have a
Total Memory Installed OID, since no such counter exists.

Personally, I never use the Total Physical Memory.  I set AbsMax to that
value and plot Available and Committed Bytes, since (IMHO) they are more
indiciative of memory load (in a perfect world, with lots of RAM, committed
bytes should be equal to or less than available bytes).  As RAM load
increases, available bytes drop and committed bytes rise.  See the
performance counter explanations of committed bytes for more detail.

As for math, you can divide commited bytes by 1024 to get Kbytes.  I don't
think there's a problem there.

Garth (snmp-informant)

-----Original Message-----

Richard Glauser wrote:
> I am attempting to graph the RAM memory on a Windows 2003 
> server. I know it has 1.5Gb of memory. When I use this 
> configuration MRTG reports that I have 1162.9Mbytes of 
> committed memory and 810.4 Mbytes of Free Memory.
> Either I have the wrong OID's or the wrong math in my config.

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