[mrtg] Trying to use kMG but no sucess

Nataniel Klug nata at cnett.com.br
Thu Jul 6 22:57:56 MEST 2006

    Hello all,

    I am trying to make a little complicated (for me) MRTG graphic and I 
tryed to use something like this:

Target[ema.mem]: at
Options[ema.mem]: growright, noinfo, unknaszero, gauge, nopercent, pngdate
MaxBytes[ema.mem]: 524288
Title[ema.mem]: ema.cnett.com.br - Consumo de Memoria RAM
PNGTitle[ema.mem]: ema.cnett.com.br - Consumo de Memoria RAM
YLegend[ema.mem]: RAM
ShortLegend[ema.mem]: b ram
kilo[ema.mem]: 1024
Factor[ema.mem]: 1024
Supress[ema.mem]: y
LegendI[ema.mem]: consumo atual
LegendO[ema.mem]: total no sistema
Legend1[ema.mem]: Consumo de RAM atual do sistema
Legend2[ema.mem]: Total de RAM instalado no sistema
Colours[ema.mem]: AZUL#1000FF,VERDE#00EB0C,VIOLETA#FF00FF,VERDE 

    The problem is that if I use Factor the counting besides the 
graphics is ok (it shows the memory of one of my servers in Mb), if I 
remove Factor it shows in kb (this is wrong, the server has 512 Mb of 
RAM). I tryed to use kMG like this:

kMG[ema.mem]: ,M,G

    But this results in a mess. When I use kMG my ShortLegend disapears 
(but the MB was ok at graphics). Using factor it only change the M in 
the legend but not in the graphic. You can see this at:


    My other simple graphics are united in:


    If someone can help me with this I will be very glad.


Nataniel Klug .'.

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