[mrtg] Re: Multiple WorkDir

Daniel J McDonald dan.mcdonald at austinenergy.com
Tue Jul 11 16:39:51 MEST 2006

On Tue, 2006-07-11 at 09:31 -0500, Kriegel, Kerry L. wrote:
> First question - Can I communicate directly with you, or is that bad
> form?  I will continue to communicate with the "list" if that is the
> right way to go.

The list is best.  Other people will learn things that way.
> Second - I implemented your suggestion in the following manner --> (I
> also tried "\" in front of the Routers and Switches)

Ah, and that's why you should always go aback and read the docs after
listening to me.  
> Then I ran MRTG against this config file and the capture reveals this
> --->
> ERROR: CFG Error Unknown Option "subdir" on line 37 or above.
>            Check doc/reference.txt for Help

Ok, so what is in the reference guide?

By default, mrtg puts all the files that it generates for each target
(the GIFs, the HTML page, the log file, etc.) in WorkDir.

If the Directory option is specified, the files are instead put into a
directory under WorkDir or Log-, Image- and HtmlDir). (For example the
Directory option below would cause all the files for a target myrouter
to be put into directory /usr/tardis/pub/www/stats/mrtg/myrouter/ .)

The directory must already exist; mrtg will not create it.


WorkDir: /usr/tardis/pub/www/stats/mrtg
Directory[myrouter]: myrouter

NOTE: the Directory option must always be 'relative' or bad things will

> So, either my implementation is wrong, or MRTG does not really
> understand "SubDir"

Yup, I messed up.  My excuse is that I wrote scripts to do all of this
long ago and I forget a lot.  Also the cfgmaker option of --subdirstyle
(or type, or whatever) threw me off....

But if you use --directory[] it will work, subject to the rules listed

> As I have hundreds of devices in many Towns, Cities, Villages, etc.
> that I monitor, I really do want to be able to produce graphs in
> multiple directories WITHOUT have to manually create them.  Any
> assistance would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.


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