[mrtg] Re: Problem with cfgmaker?

Jeff Wiegley jeffw at cyte.com
Wed Jul 12 22:24:18 MEST 2006

I'm having a similar problem to John I think.

I used MRTG about four years ago and didn't have problems
mapping some lower entry cisco switches (standalone, single
unit 48 port switches).

But now I have a 6509 switch with a single 48 port FastEthernet
blade in it (plus the supervisor/gigabit engine).

I have the blade's ports all segmented into Vlans other than
the default (Vlan1).

When I do a cfgmaker on this device the only "interfaces" that
show up are the Vlans and of course they don't show any traffic
utilization, as I understand Vlans don't count hardware switched
packets and almost all of my traffic is, I guess, being hardware
switched and therefore won't show up on the Vlan counters.

I get the same behavoir even if I pass
'--if-filter=($if_is_ethernet)' to cfgmaker.

I would rather like to see port by port byte traffic counts
anyways, rather than Vlan traffic.

What did I do wrong? What do I have to do to get cfgmaker
to generate the 48 FastEthernet 2/1-48 interfaces so that I
may see byte counters for the actual ports?

Thank you so much,

- Jeff

John Oliver wrote:
> In reference to my issue with Cisco switches... since stanzas were
> working outside of the cfgmaker-generated .conf file, I manually created
> another conf file and started copying stanzas in one by one.  Two or
> three of them work, but the rest don't.  So I created another and
> started copying in stanzas... again, two or three work, but that's it.
> I'm thinking there's some flaw in the way cfgmaker generates output, so
> that at some point there's something invisible to me that says "Ignore
> these stanzas".  I know that's absolutely stupid, as cfgmaker has been
> around for years and years, but... what else is there?
> Is there some kind of "validator" for MRTG config files, that will, at a
> very low level, give some feedback as to what isn't working and why?
> I have config files that I've created manually that have many stanzas in
> them, and they're all read and are working perfectly.  Maybe I could
> "fix" this by manually re-writing the config files for my switches, but
> that isn't going to solve the problem and will just be an enormous
> headache as I add more.

Jeff Wiegley, PhD
Cyte.Com, LLC

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