[mrtg] Re: A target arithmetic issue

Adam Bayless adam at baylessfamily.org
Thu Jun 1 18:09:26 MEST 2006

Steve Shipway thought no one was listening and belted out:
>> Target[oc3-total]: \POS3/0/0:community at router +
>>                  \POS8/0/0:community at router +
>>                  \POS8/0/0:community at router
> ...
>> I get a strange looking graph:
> If you are using RRDTool as your backend, and routers2 as the frontend, then
> define 3 separate targets, hide them from the menu (with
> routers.cgi*InMenu[]:no) and then define a total graph over them all (with
> routers.cgi*Graph[]: summarygraph total).
> Of course, this won't help if you're not using routers2/RRDTool.
> The syntax above looks like it should work, but I suspect your total traffic
> counts are too high (about 140+Mb/s?) and it's confusing the MRTG counters
> which are working in 32-bit mode.  If you can't use 64-bit counters on these
> routers, then you're left with the only option of writing your own data
> gathering plugin script.
> Steve

So I take it MRTG uses 32bit values internally when it gets 32bit data back from a 
target? I guess that sorta makes sense and would certainly explain what I am seeing. 
I am going to switch to 64bit counters on the target that can support them and see 
what difference that makes.


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