[mrtg] Re: Using perhour option

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Jun 15 01:05:10 MEST 2006

> So I attempted to use "perhour" option.  However, after 
> printing couple of pages on the printer, the graphs have 
> strange peaks, showing something like couple of hundred pages 
> printed per hour (which is wrong).  The data is polled from 
> the printer every 5 minutes (with some other data, like 
> network traffic, memory usage and toner levels).  

You'll probably want to suppress the daily graph. 

This is because a 'perhour' graph is just a 'perminute' graph multiplied by
60, which is a persecond graph multiplied by 60.

Since the normal interval is 5mins, a perminute graph will be 'accurate' as
the per-x is less than the graph interval.

However, for a perhour graph, what should it show over a 5min interval that
has a count of 10 pages?  This would sort of indicate a per-hour of 120
pages, so it shows that.  You get weird peaks.  After all, one print in a
5-min period *is* 12/hour, over that period.  It just doesnt make sense to
look at a graph with granularity smaller than your per- interval.

So, add in something like

Suppress[xxxx]: d

to suppress the daily graphs.  The weekly graphs have an interval of 30mins
(monthly has a 2-h interval, yearly has a 1d interval) but the effect will
be smaller here.



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