[mrtg] Using perhour option

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at 8-p.ca
Wed Jun 14 21:48:19 MEST 2006

I'm using perhour option to graph some usage stats (number of pages  
printed on HP printer).  It doesn't make sense to count how many pages  
are printed each second, but it does make sense to track it by hour.   
So I attempted to use "perhour" option.  However, after printing  
couple of pages on the printer, the graphs have strange peaks, showing  
something like couple of hundred pages printed per hour (which is  
wrong).  The data is polled from the printer every 5 minutes (with  
some other data, like network traffic, memory usage and toner levels).  
  My wild guess is that the problem is I'm polling the data way too  
often, and MRTG isn't smart enough to handle this properly.

To solve the problem, I was thinking about creating separate cronjob  
that runs only once an hour to poll only this data from the printer.   
If I'm right that the problem is simply polling the data too often, it  
should solve it.  However, than I'd need to wait for one hour for  
graphs to update (and I'd like more realtime response if possible).

The entry in config file I currently have looks something like this:

. at
Options[hp.pages]: nopercent,noinfo,growright,perhour
Step[hp.pages]: 3600
Title[hp.pages]: Pages Printed
PageTop[hp.pages]: <h1>Pages Printed -- HP LaserJet</h1>
MaxBytes[hp.pages]: 1000000
YLegend[hp.pages]: # Pages per Hour
ShortLegend[hp.pages]: &nbsp;
LegendI[hp.pages]: &nbsp;Pages:&nbsp;
Legend1[hp.pages]: Pages Printed

Is there some better way to plot this kind of data?

See Ya' later, alligator!

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