[mrtg] About target arithmetic (subtraction). [signed]

Rajendra Adhikari [c] rajendra at subisu.net.np
Sun Jun 18 12:16:00 MEST 2006

Hi members,
I have a problem in plotting a graph doing the target arithmetic.
Let me explain the situation:
I have 4 switch ports. Say, Por1 to Port 4. Port 1 to port 4 are on a 
single vlanA. Port 1 is also tagged with vlanB. My manageable switch 
doesn't have any OID or other way to determine the traffic based on 
vlan.  So, I have to do a simple arithmetic. The traffic from each port 
goes to other ports. My intention is to plot the graph at Port 1 only 
the traffic that were for vlanB.
I did as:
Target[switch]:  1:community at switch - -2:community at switch - 
-3:community at switch - -4:community at switch :
But, I doubt on this definition. Out at 1 for VlanA would be to 2, 3 and 
4, and similarly In at 1 for vlanA would be from 1,2 &3.
What if there is a traffic between 2,3 and 4. Doesn't these traffic 
effect the above definition.

Or is there other way to do?

Please suggest. I will appreciate your help.

Rajendra Adhikari.

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