[mrtg] Re: Windows Graphs/SNMP

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu May 25 23:38:29 MEST 2006

> Oh wow, thats what I really need then. Perf logs in mrtg 
> graphs would be a wonder. Is there no easier solution though? 
> and how do you figure out what all the snmp calls are? i 
> mean, the long strings of numbers and such.

When you set up the perfmib extensions, you tie a particular number to a
perfmon counter.  Then you have to set up the appropriate OID in a Target[].
Yes, it is a long string of numbers, but if you use templates that you
duplicate you only have to do it once.

I prefer to use the pNSclient agent, though, as its more flexible
(configuring perfmib is a pain) and can be queried easily - and you just
pass the Perfmon counter name, not a long string of numbers!

For example, here is something to monitor SQL Server transactions per
second, with some extra routers.cgi stuff to make it display more prettily:

Target[kermit-sql-trans]: `mrtg-pnsclient.pl -H kermit.muppet.com -v COUNTER
-l '\SQLSe
rver:Databases(_Total)\Transactions/sec' -t 15`
Title[kermit-sql-trans]: kermit: SQL Transactions
MaxBytes[kermit-sql-trans]: 10000
PageTop[kermit-sql-trans]: null
LegendI[kermit-sql-trans]: trans/s:
Options[kermit-sql-trans]: gauge growright noo
Ylegend[kermit-sql-trans]: Transactions/sec
ShortLegend[kermit-sql-trans]: /sec
Legend1[kermit-sql-trans]: SQL Server trans
Legend3[kermit-sql-trans]: Peak transactions
SetEnv[kermit-sql-trans]: MRTG_INT_DESCR="MSSQL: Transactions"
routers.cgi*Options[kermit-sql-trans]: nopercent nomax scaled fixunit total
routers.cgi*UnScaled[kermit-sql-trans]: none
routers.cgi*ShortName[kermit-sql-trans]: MSSQL: Transactions
routers.cgi*Icon[kermit-sql-trans]: mssql-sm.gif

you see it uses the mrtg-pnsclient.pl query tool to get the data from the
counter.  You would probably restrict the pNSclient agent to only accept
queries from the MRTG server (and it can have a password in it as well if
you want).

We do not use SNMP since it is banned by Security on windows servers, and is
too hard to compile the perfmib stuff.  Win 2k3 has a better SNMP agent, I
hear, but we're too homogenous here and needed a common way to query Windows

If you want to see an example of MRTG graphing stuff like this, go to the
demo pages on:
and take a look at the graphs for 'bofh' (Windows) and 'host-a' (Linux).


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