[mrtg] A target arithmetic issue

Adam Bayless adam at baylessfamily.org
Wed May 31 18:10:22 MEST 2006

I have three OC3 connections on Cisco 7500 series routers that I am graphing using 
MRTG 2.14.3. The individual graphs for the interfaces look correct:


But when I try to combine them all into one graph using this config:

Target[oc3-total]: \POS3/0/0:community at router +
                 \POS8/0/0:community at router +
                 \POS8/0/0:community at router
MaxBytes[oc3-total]: 27426816
AbsMax[oc3-total]: 60948480
Options[oc3-total]: bits
ThreshMaxO[oc3-total]: 27426816
ThreshProgO[oc3-total]: /mrtg/bin/threshold-programs/routerTrafficAlert.pl
ThreshMaxI[oc3-total]: 27426816
ThreshProgI[oc3-total]: /mrtg/bin/threshold-programs/routerTrafficAlert.pl
SetEnv[oc3-total]: LINKNAME="Total OC3 Traffic"
Title[oc3-total]: Total OC3 - Traffic
PageTop[oc3-total]: <H1>Total OC3 - Traffic</H1>

I get a strange looking graph:


This has persisted over several upgrades to mrtg, so I'm guessing I must be 
configuring something wrong but I can't figure out what it is.  All the individual 
graphs are created in the same run of MRTG as the combined graph, so if MRTG is 
really caching snmp results the way it should then the values should be identical and 
there must be something wrong in the way it is adding them up. Any ideas?


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