[mrtg] Re: Adding additional hosts / devices

Lee Netana Lee.Netana at alc.org.au
Thu Oct 12 08:30:13 MEST 2006

Thanks Paul.

Ok.. So I'm running this on a Windows 2003 server and have one host
running and have used indexmaker to create the index page.

To add more do I simply use the command prompt and type perl Target... ?
This is something I need to get a plain English breakdown on.

If I create individual .cfg files for each host, how does one go about
linking them back to the master? 

Can anyone spare a few minutes giving me a step by step breakdown?


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On 10/11/06, Lee Netana <Lee.Netana at alc.org.au> wrote:
> Do I need to create a separate mrtg.cfg file for each host I would
> to monitor or is there a way of adding additional hosts to the
> which was setup initially?

You can do it either way.  It's much more manegable to have each
device in it's own config file IMHO.  You can stil use a single MRTG
process by having one master config file that includes the other

Exampe.  master.cfg
include device1.cfg
include devicd2.cfg

then 'mrtg master.cfg' to start the MRTG process.


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