[mrtg] Re: target output to html pages

Peter Glanville peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Thu Oct 26 10:00:50 MEST 2006

> As I am new some things make me a bit confuse and I am asking for 
> clarification regards cfg files & their output by using snmp to 
> retrieve the data. 
> To set a specific target (interface) with an specific port it is set 
> as
> Target[]: 25:community at
> In this sample I like to controll port 25 of the interface 
> at the snmp manager on the machine with
> Do I understand this correct ? 
No, in the above example you are measuring port25 of device 
and storing the results in a file called

What would  make more sense would be to rename the file thus:
Target[]: 25:community at

> Now, the html pages and images are created with as 
> their respective name in the given workdirectory.
> In addition I like to query the same target with another port, 
> actually 4 ports in total.  All those targets should be presented as 
> htmlpages in the same workdirectory.

Target[]: 10:community at
Target[]: 20:community at
Target[]: 30:community at

> My problem: mrtg wan't start as there are multiple targets with the 
> same name and as well I would have a problem, supposing mrtg would 
> even start, with the output of the html pages.
> Where I am confused is this: How do I set the target  in this 
> scenerio ? 
> Or the other way around: Can it be like Target[some foo name]: ?
> But this leads to my next question: How do I set the target in THIS 
> (foo name) case ?
> A typical newbie mixup ? :)
> Help to clarify this would be very appreaciated.
> Johannes

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