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> Gents, 
> Need a piece of advice for running MRTG with Win 2003. 
> I have 80 devices and increasing (like Cisco Routers, PIX, Switches
and Servers) that I have to monitor 24x7. Now I am running
> MRTG on Windows 2003. 
> My MRTG system always has 80 command prompt sessions open. When I
update and patch the server OS, restart the server- I need to 
> run these 80 sessions one by one (all over again).
> 1. Is there a way (maybe GUI) that I can use MRTG and work for these
80 sessions? 
> 2. Maybe some batch file script that would run all of them in a single
> 3. How can I use RRD with MRTG to determine temp, disk, cpu? 
> Thanks in advance,
> Akash Bhardwaj 

Are you running 80 separate instances of MRTG?! 
 Sounds like you need to fix your configuration files and run just one
instance of MRTG that handles all your machines.  Check the
documentation at http://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/doc/mrtg-nt-guide.en.html
for specifics but you should be able to build one master config file and
run that.  You can add or drop machines from the master config to fine
tune your process.

Include the RunAsDaemon flag and you won't get any command windows.

I just run one instance of MRTG and that works just fine for logging 5
graphs for each of the machines (2 network interfaces, memory, cpu and
load/process count)

My master config file looks like: 

### Global Config Options
#MaxAge: 7200
RunAsDaemon: Yes
WorkDir: c:\www\mrtg\
WriteExpires: Yes

Options[_]: growright,pngdate
XSize[_]: 600
YSize[_]: 175
EnableIPv6: no

## All machine configs moved to individual files
Include: bigmachine01.cfg
Include: bigmachine02.cfg
Include: bigmachine03.cfg
Include: bigmachine04.cfg
Include: bigmachinedev-01.cfg
Include: bigmachinedev-02.cfg
Include: bigmachineqa-01.cfg
Include: bigmachineqa-02.cfg
#Include: oasis.cfg excluded for windows machine
Include: winmachine-ntbk.cfg
Include: winmachine-vs1.cfg
Include: winmachine01.cfg
Include: winmachine02.cfg


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