[mrtg] The meaning of "k" in MRTG (k Bits per Second)

Pfirter Lukas lp at rpag.ch
Fri Apr 13 16:06:02 CEST 2007

Hello list.
I use MRTG on a couple of routers in my company and wanted to ask, how
the data is displayed in the diagrams. I found a lot in the
configuration manual and in the logfile description. But I have not
found a description of what the generated "k" means. Does it actually
mean 1024 or 1000? My graphs are all displayed in xxxx k Bits per
When I use an unscaled diagram with "MaxBytes" = 262'144 (the router has
max 2048 kbit/s), the MRTG graph's top line says 2120 k Bits per Second.
But shouldn't it display 2048 k Bits per Second there? (262144 byte =
262144*8 bit = 2097152 bit = 2097152/1024 kbit = 2048 kbit.)
Thanks you!
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