[mrtg] moving MRTG to new machine

Amr M. Salah amr at citystars-com.com
Sun Apr 15 15:24:47 CEST 2007

Dear Eng.\ Farhan


I did the migration with aid of your advice. MRTG now is working (I can say
it is working because I see the last update date and time on each page of
the html output is getting updated each interval) 

But the graphs is only straight lines not a graph with ups and downs 

Attached here a screen shoot of what I got, which not that was getting


Any ideas for help?


Thanks on advance




Amr M. Salah


From: Farhan Ali Khan [mailto:gabereal_ at hotmail.com] 
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Dear Amr


Its not a big task you can perform this activity very easly by follow few


1) just take a backup of yr cfgs , crond , .logs files or if your are using
.rrd base mrtg you also need to take backup of CGI files and rrds. make sure
the backup copy you hv taken not corrpted after traffering in into another
system. to ensure that just tar all files on existance mrtg srv and then
download it.


install a new mrtg if you are using centos mrtg is the builtin package just
install it.


put your tar archive there untar it and just place files and directories on
their places 


for further you can contact with me 



Farhan Ali Khan

Network Engineer

Cyber Internet services PVT LTD.




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Subject: [mrtg] moving MRTG to new machine


Hello every body, 


Please, I need your advice in such an issue, which is moving MRTG to new


To make it more clear, I have a running version of MRTG and I need to move
it to new machine with all of its configurations and files 

What shall I do? more over, can I upgrade this installation after migration



Thanks a lot in advance



Amr M. Salah



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