[mrtg] Cisco 6500 and MRTG

Henrik Jacobsson henke.jacobsson at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 12:15:38 CEST 2007


This is my first... "post". Never used the kind of system before with
newsletters and such... Anyhow, if I do anything wrong, just tell me. I dont
know if this issue has been talked about before because i don't know how to

I've gotten an idea, I "work" at a place that maintans the "city MAN" or
whatever it is called in English. The core is 2 6500 with HSRP and
dist/access around 250 3550s Cisco straight through, now, we got this idea,
put up an MRTG graph over the primary 6500 router. How should you configure
the mrtg config file? I know how to configure the 6500 (At least, I think I
do :]), it's just that, MRTG isnt really my "thing", just put it up on my
website and my buddy helped me with snmt on my eth0 instead of cban. ex.

Uhm... thats all for now, I hope I did this thing right and I hope that you
can help me =)

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