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Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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We do this with routers2 as the MRTG frontend (OK so Im biased).
With routers2, you get all the interfaces in the side menu, which helps, paritcularly if your default is the summary or info page.  Have one cfg file per devices, and optionally use a master.cfg to include them all for MRTG's benefit only.
You can enable the 'active' option on the summary pages, to suppress graphs for any interfaces with completely zero traffic, and simplify the summary.
We also define userdefined summary graphs, stacked with total lines in groups of 8 ports, and then place these summary graphs into separate summary pages grouped by slot number.
This minimises the links in the menu and makes it easier to follow.
For multiple devices (we have several hundred) we use the grouping and subgroups in the Devices menu.
See http://www.steveshipway.org/software for routers2 and the demo system if you're interested.


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Just last week, I started playing with MRTG (v2.14.5 on RHEL 5) for the
first time in many years.

I've got a couple core routers, a dozen or so main floor switches, then
bunches more odds'n'ends around the shop.

MRTG is working fine, but I need advice on how to manage configs.  I dumped
all the devices into one cfg file, ran indexmaker and voila .... a huge
ugly page with hundreds and hundreds of ports!  Not what I wanted but
exactly what I specified.  :-)  Shouldn't it do what I mean and not what I

What I want is a page that has one link for each device showing its
aggregate traffic.  Click on the link, and I see the breakdown of each
port.  What is the best way to do that?  Separate cfgs?  A different set of
options on indexmaker?

If this is a FAQ, please point me in the direction of answers ...


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