[mrtg] FIXED - MRTG Stopping after Startup

Brad Lodgen darkerosxx at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 15:56:54 CEST 2007

Hi there,

Yesterday, I sent out about a problem and, with help, I've gotten it fixed.
Turning on the logging option enabled it to keep running. I'd suggest
turning on logging no matter what you're doing!

Thanks everyone for your emails offering help!


Here's the previous e-mail:

Hey everybody,

I'm running a startup script to execute mrtg with a master config file. I'm
testing this out presently and only have one included config file. The
included config isn't actually able to poll the devices that are in the
config, but the main config file is able to poll.

When I have the master config file, with NO INCLUDED configs in it, it
starts up fine on OS startup and stays up until it's killed.

When I have the master config file, with the included config in it, it
starts up fine on OS startup, but about 10 seconds later, it stops. There is
no error message, nothing. I just kept hitting 'ps aux | grep mrtg' and
within 10 seconds, mrtg was gone.

So, if I add the included file in the master config, MRTG starts up fine on
OS startup, but is killed shortly after. Each config file works fine if I
execute them separately.

Anyone have any ideas why MRTG would be killed after starting fine?

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