[mrtg] Solution--temp/humidity probes on APC UPS's

John York YorkJ at brcc.edu
Mon Dec 3 17:51:00 CET 2007

I stole this config from someone on this mailing list a few years ago.
It works great on my old AP9617 management interfaces, but did not work
on a new AP9619 I just got.  The problem may have been firmware version
rather than 9617 vs 9619--my 9617's are a v1 variant and the 9619 is
. at 192.168.x.x
MaxBytes[D_APC_temp_humid]: 1024
Title[D_APC_temp_humid]: x SU2200 Room Temp and Humidity
PageTop[D_APC_temp_humid]: <H1>x SU2200 Room Temp and Humidity</H1>
Options[D_APC_temp_humid]: gauge, absolute, nopercent
YLegend[D_APC_temp_humid]: Temp C, Humid pct
ShortLegend[D_APC_temp_humid]: Percent
Legend1[D_APC_temp_humid]: Temp
Legend2[D_APC_temp_humid]: Humidity
Legend3[D_APC_temp_humid]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[D_APC_temp_humid]: .
LegendI[D_APC_temp_humid]: Temp
LegendO[D_APC_temp_humid]: Humidity

I asked APC support and got this very helpful response:
The correct OID for the temperature monitoring probe on the AP9619 card
try.iemStatusProbeCurrentTemp (numerically
. This OID will return "The current
temperature reading from the probe displayed  in the units shown in the
'iemStatusProbeTempUnits' OID (Celsius or Fahrenheit)."

So, with that and a couple of tries with snmpwalk from Net-SNMP
(http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/ can't imagine doing this without
Net-SNMP--thanks guys!) here's a new, working version:
318. at 192.168.x.x
MaxBytes[G_APC_temp_humid]: 1024
Title[G_APC_temp_humid]: x SU2200 Room Temp and Humidity
PageTop[G_APC_temp_humid]: <H1>x SU2200 Room Temp and Humidity</H1>
Options[G_APC_temp_humid]: gauge, absolute, nopercent
YLegend[G_APC_temp_humid]: Temp F, Humid pct
ShortLegend[G_APC_temp_humid]: Percent
Legend1[G_APC_temp_humid]: Temp
Legend2[G_APC_temp_humid]: Humidity
Legend3[G_APC_temp_humid]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[G_APC_temp_humid]: .
LegendI[G_APC_temp_humid]: Temp
LegendO[G_APC_temp_humid]: Humidity

John York
Network Engineer
Blue Ridge Community College
Weyers Cave, VA

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