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Pili Muñoz Gargallo mugnoz.pilar at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 14:51:36 CET 2007

thanks for answer me Dan

I think I have understood you, but i am a student and the most things you
said me are new for me.
i am nearly starting working in linux.
i read again the installation guide, but i dont find information about my
techer told me to do.. or maybe i have understood things wrong.
what is target? an interface? or what are you trying to monitor?
how can i put the devices in MySQL and then generate the cfgmaker lines,
along with appropriate templates for each type of device ?
what templates mean?
and how can i tell the program what interface i want to monitor?
where i can find documentation about the include directive?
Can i say mrtg to log results in a different log for each interface?

May be i don't understood you at all...

thanks again and sorry for my very schematical english

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