[mrtg] Plotting multiple values in same graph

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Dec 19 02:48:47 CET 2007

> 1.	I think I didn't put my question correctly here. If MaxByte is
> set to 10 MByte, then I want to see a line of 10 Mbyte in my graph.
> me this is the total bandwidth available - 10 mbps.

You should be getting this already.  Even in native MRTG, this happens,
although it may be scaled off of the graph.  If you are using routers2
as the frontend, it will appear in the graph provided the scale is high
enough and nomax is not set, and when it does the value is given under
the graph.  Set 'unscaled' mode if it does not appear
(routers.cgi*Options[]: unscaled)

> 2.	I set below things in mrtg.cfg
> ThreshMaxI[XX]:80%
> ThreshMaxO[XX]:80%
> And I don't see any red line in my graph for 80 % threshold.

Are you using routers2 as your frontend?  If not, nothing will happen.
If you are, then you should see a purplish line across the graph at 80%
of the MaxBytes value, provided the scale is high enough and you don't
have 'nomax' set.

The answers to these questions depend very much on what you are using to
generate the graphs.  Are you using Native MRTG or RRDtool?  If RRDTool,
what are you using for your frontend?


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