[mrtg] FireDaemon service manager v1.6

Haq, Humayun humayun.haq at logicacmg.com
Thu Feb 1 22:00:50 CET 2007

We are using MRTG version 2.10.12 on Windows 2000 server. I recently
inherited maintenance of the MRTG server so I am newbie. I only have a
couple of documents to go by but things seem a little different as
someone installed hobbit on there too. 

After making changes, I am trying to start the FireDaemon Pro Service
however when I go into the Program Files menu and try to start it, a
pop-up says that "The system has no installed FireDaemon service"

Another question I have is how do you generate .png files that generate
the graph? I am using my community name to generate files but it does
not create the .png files or other .html files to be monitored by the
mrtg.html webpage.

Thanks for all your help.
- Humayun.

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