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Manoj Rajkarnikar manoj at vianet.com.np
Fri Feb 9 05:52:03 CET 2007

On Fri, 9 Feb 2007, Steve Shipway wrote:

> > if i need to see the graph for the traffic that flew through the
> interface
> > about three months ago is there any way to tackle it out. I know that
> it
> > shows the monthly graph too but thats not in a readable  format and i
> need
> > to see the traffic of a particular month than can i see it, 
> You presumably are interested in the detailed (daily) graph for a date 3
> months in the past?
> This data is normally expired by RRD after a week or two, so you need
> some way to preserve it and some way to display it.  To preserve it, you
> can either modify the .rrd file to have a much, much longer  retention
> period, or you can make a daily archive of the .rrd files.  Both cases
> will require a substantial amount more disk space, as you are storing
> about 12 times as much data.
> To display it, you will need to either write your own display utility,
> or use one which can cope with archived or extended rrd files.
> (biased advice coming)
> You can do this using routers2 as your frontend for MRTG/RRD.  If you
> enable 'RRD archiving' (this requires a nightly job to archive the .rrd
> files and expire old archives) then you will get an additional date
> dropdown in the frontend so that you can display graphs for archived
> data.  Instructions are in the doc/HOWTO file distributed with routers2.
> We use this here to archive daily (5min resolution) for three months,
> and monthly (2h resolution) for three years.
> Steve
Or you can write a script to save the html and png files to a separate 
location daily via a cron job and rename the files to the date so that you 
can access them when you need.

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