[mrtg] evaluated to '1.18191338100073e+15' instead of a number

Luis Carlos Solano lsolano at racsa.co.cr
Wed Feb 14 22:55:09 CET 2007

Hi Everybody:

I've seen this problem in the archives, but with no answer.
I'm getting that error when adding 8 ST1 POS interfaces, in a Cisco GSR.

I'm running a very old Mandrake 9.1 server, with mrtg 2.9.27.

Any help will be appreciated.

thank you!

Luis Carlos.

ERROR: Target[total][_IN_] ' $$target[17]{$mode}  +  
$$target[18]{$mode}  +  $$target[19]{$mode}  +  $$target[20]{$mode}  +
$$target[21]{$mode}  +  $$target[22]{$mode}  +  $$target[23]{$mode}  +  
$$target[24]{$mode} ' evaluated to
'1.46283686416335e+15' instead of a number

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