[mrtg] Minimum Y-Axis

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Feb 28 23:33:19 CET 2007

The graph is doing exactly what you told it to do -- 
Maximum value of 100, minimum value of 70, and do not extend these even
if the data lies outside the range.
However, your data seems to have the values in the region of 90k !  So,
of course you will see just solid green.
I suspect what you actually want is to limit the graph to 70000 ->
100000?  Also, you probably want the y-axis to be labelled more
meaningfully and suppress the second line, and so on.  How about this:
# Liebert South UPS KVA Graphs for aaa.bbb.ccc.16
Target[Liebert_16_T]: at aaa.
Title[Liebert_16_T]: KVA Utilization report for Liebert South_3
MaxBytes[liebert_16_T]: 120000
Options[Liebert_16_T]: gauge,nopercent,growright,noo
PageTop[Liebert_16_T]: <H1> Liebert KVA Analysis -- aaa.bbb.ccc.16</H1>
routers.cgi*LowerLimit[Liebert_16_T]: 70000
routers.cgi*UpperLimit[Liebert_16_T]: 100000
routers.cgi*Options[Liebert_16_T]: rigid
routers.cgi*Mode[Liebert_16_T]: generic
ShortLegend[Liebert_16_T]: VA
YLegend[Liebert_16_T]: Power (VA)
LegendI[Liebert_16_T]: Power:
Legend1[Liebert_16_T]: Power usage
Legend3[Liebert_16_T]: Maximum power usage

Note how I've set the 'noo' option to suppress the second line.  Also,
the LowerLimit and UpperLimit now match your actual data.  Finally, the
legends have been set explicitly as the defaults will be no good for
this purpose.  I've removed the UnScaled option since this is ignored
due to your having set UpperLimit and LowerLimit explicitly.

This is now becoming more of a routers2 problem than an MRTG one, so
lets take further discussion off of the list.  I've included the list
for this one as it may be of interest to readers following the problem.

Steve Shipway
ITSS, University of Auckland
(09) 3737 599 x 86487
s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz


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