[mrtg] RRDTool upgrade 1.0 to 1.2

Pavel Ruzicka pavouk at pavouk.org
Wed Feb 28 00:30:39 CET 2007


I tried to upgrade RRDTool 1.0.48 to 1.2.19 for MRTG.
It works, but graph fonts was too big.
I fixed this with adding "--font LEGEND:7:"
to 14all.cgi. Exactly I added this line:
push @args,'--font','LEGEND:7:';

Is it normal, that default font size is different
in a RRDTool 1.2.x than 1.0.x?

Where can I get nice fonts that are used in a RRDTool
1.0.x and will be useful for 1.2.x?
DejaVuSansMono-Roman.ttf are not bad, but I want
specially designed small bitmap font.

Is it possible to disable "smoothing" of graphs?
I found only disabling of smoothing for fonts.

Best regards,
Pavel Ruzicka

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