[mrtg] mrtg error with mod_watch 3.18

Ethan Pierce ethan.pierce at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 29 16:31:44 CET 2007

Greetings MRTG list and thank you in advance for your

I am using the latest stable MRTG v2.15.0 with no difficulties, its
working great and I'm quite pleased with the results.  I was assigned a
project of gathering traffic reports of all virtual domains hosted on a
particular machine.  mod_watch seemed to be the only application that
popped up in google, but apparently is not supported any longer/closed
down by the developer.

With a bit of searching, I found the appropriate mod_watch version to go
with a 1.3 apache server and have it working as it's supposed to.  

When I call a domain.com/watch-info I get output like:
www.domain.com 151082 0 155837158 20317 5168 1 2027.111 13141214

ifName ifUptime ifInOctets ifOutOctets ifRequests ifDocuments ifActive

This data gets pulled into mrtg from mrtg.cfg with lines for each
virtualhost as follows:

Title[www.domain.com]: www.domain.com Data Traffic
Target[www.domain.com]: `/usr/local/sbin/mod_watch.pl
MaxBytes[www.domain.com]: 1250000
PageTop[www.domain.com]: <h2><a
href="http://www.domain.com/">www.domain.com</a> Data Traffic</h2>

Checking the mrtg.log, Im finding errors like this for domain.com:

2007-01-29 10:20:09 -- 2007-01-29 10:20:08: ERROR:
Target[www.domain.com][_IN_] ' $target->[13]{$mode} ' did not eval into
defined data
2007-01-29 10:20:09 -- 2007-01-29 10:20:08: ERROR:
Target[www.domain.com][_OUT_] ' $target->[13]{$mode} ' did not eval into
defined data

Any ideas?

Thank you kindly,


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