[mrtg] import MIB

von dan dvong3 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 26 23:07:33 CEST 2007

Here is my cfgmaker config. The included the mib path. I still cannot view my Tasman router bundle, only ethernet. Any clues?
  # create the cfg file for this Ip address (assumes community string is

        perl /usr/local/src/mrtg-2.12.2/bin/cfgmaker                  
        --global "workdir: /var/www/html/$location/$name"              
        --global "Options[_]: growright, bits"                        
        --global "LoadMIBs: /home/neoftp/ent-mibs/nortel.mib"          
        --global "LoadMIBs: /home/neoftp/ent-mibs/ntEnterpriseData.mib"
        --global "LoadMIBs:
/home/neoftp/ent-mibs/ntEnterpriseDataTasmanMgmtbundle.mib" \
        --global "LoadMIBs:
/home/neoftp/ent-mibs/ntEnterpriseDataTasmanMgmtchassis.mib" \
        --output /etc/mrtg/$name.cfg

Michael Schwartzkopff <misch at multinet.de> wrote:
  Am Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2007 21:55 schrieb von dan:
> Hello,
> "How To" import nortel MIB? Any documentation to do this?
> ---------------------------------
> Pinpoint customers who are looking for what you sell.

Into what?
Any documentation about that?


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