[mrtg] Monitor Exchange 2003 related counters

Thomas Olsen thomas_olsen44 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 11 04:38:02 CEST 2007

Hi Steve
Thank you very much for the examples you provided. This should make it easier to implement.
One last question:
Do I need to reboot my Exchange server or restart any Exchange related services when I install this nsclient+++ or pnsclient?
You mentioned about the TCP port and that nsclient has to be started first (before exchange) to function.
BTW: Which Exchange service use TCP port 1248?
I can maybe set a dependency on this service to have nsclient start first.
Please advice.
/Thomas> Message: 4> Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 11:49:27 +1200> From: "Steve Shipway" <s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz>> Subject: Re: [mrtg] Monitor Exchange 2003 related counters> To: "Thomas Olsen" <thomas_olsen44 at hotmail.com>,> <mrtg at lists.oetiker.ch>> Message-ID:> <12A6FDDD13C460408A6E47E5DB1235A2D6F0C4 at UXCHANGE3.UoA.auckland.ac.nz>> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"> > Exchange has a nasty habit of stealing the TCP port used by pNSclient.> You need to either start nsclient first, or else configure Exchange to> use higher numbered ports - there is a registry setting to do this, but> I cant remember what it is. NSclient uses port tcp/1248. If this> happens, pnsclient just stops working. Exchange, on the other hand,> continues on quite happily as it just pinches a different port.> > > > Steve> > > > Here is a template for some Exchange2003 counters (LHNAME=long hostname,> SHNAME=short hostname) which used the mrtg-pnsclient.pl utility.> > > > Target[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: `mrtg-pnsclient.pl -H %LHNAME% -v COUNTER> -l "\\SMTP Server(_Total)\\Local Queue Length" -v COUNTER -l "\\SMTP> Server(_Total)\\Remote Queue Length"`> > Title[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: %SHNAME% Exchange SMTP Queue> > MaxBytes[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: 10000> > PageTop[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: null> > LegendI[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: lcl:> > LegendO[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: rmt:> > YLegend[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Queue Length> > ShortLegend[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: &nbsp;> > Legend1[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Local SMTP queue length> > Legend2[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Remote SMTP queue length> > Legend3[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Peak local SMTP queue length> > Legend4[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Peak remote SMTP queue length> > Options[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: growright gauge> > SetEnv[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: MRTG_INT_DESCR="Exch: SMTP Queue"> > routers.cgi*Mode[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: generic> > routers.cgi*Options[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: nopercent nomax fixunit> integer nototal> > routers.cgi*Incompact[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: no> > routers.cgi*InSummary[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: yes> > routers.cgi*Icon[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: mail-sm.gif> > routers.cgi*Summary[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Exchange> > > > Target[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: `mrtg-pnsclient.pl -H %LHNAME% -v COUNTER -l> "\\SMTP Server(_Total)\\Messages Received Total" -v COUNTER -l "\\SMTP> Server(_Total)\\Messages Sent Total"`> > Title[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: %SHNAME% Exchange Message Transfer> > MaxBytes[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: 10000> > PageTop[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: null> > LegendI[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: in :> > LegendO[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: out:> > YLegend[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Messages/min> > ShortLegend[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: /min> > Legend1[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Inbound msg transfer> > Legend2[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Outbound msg transfer> > Legend3[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Peak Inbound transfer> > Legend4[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Peak Outbound transfer> > Options[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: growright perminute> > SetEnv[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: MRTG_INT_DESCR="Exch: Msg Transfer"> > routers.cgi*Mode[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: generic> > routers.cgi*Options[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: nopercent nomax fixunit> > routers.cgi*Icon[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: mail-sm.gif> > routers.cgi*Summary[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Exchange> > routers.cgi*InMenu[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: no> > routers.cgi*Icon[Exchange]: mail-sm.gif> > > > > One question though.> Have you seen any issues on your Exchange server after installing> pNSclient or nsclient++?> I am a bit reluctant to install any third party software of my Exchange> server which may cause performance or stability issues.> > And if anybody has an example script on how to nsclient to monitor> exchange SMTP mail queue, etc, it would be great.> nd join the i'm Initiative now. It's free. Make it count!> <http://im.live.com/messenger/im/home/?source=TAGWL_June07> > > > > -------------- next part --------------> An HTML attachment was scrubbed...> URL: http://lists.oetiker.ch/pipermail/mrtg/attachments/20070607/fa7f903c/attachment-0001.html > > ------------------------------> 
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