[mrtg] Get CPU and Harddrive Utilization

Pfirter Lukas lp at rpag.ch
Fri Jun 15 11:07:39 CEST 2007

Hi list,

I've used MRTG successfully with many routers and network components.
Now I recently tried with servers and it worked only partially.
I have googled together some OIDs for CPU / HDD utilization and with big
luck, I made some of them work with changing around and stuff.

With Windows 2003 servers and SNMP service installed, I use these OIDs:
HDD: at IPADDR / at IPADDR * 100
(Total_Space / Used_Space * 100)

Both of these work fine and return a %-value of the current utilization
of CPU and HDD (1-100%).

Now I've installed net-snmp on our Linux (SUSE 9.1 and 9.3) machines and
it works fine to get the traffic from the network cards (using cfgmaker
to create a config).

But I didn't find out anything about the specific OIDs I need for CPU
and HDD utilization. Did you ever query CPU/HDD on your linux box with
net-snmp installed?
I could use an example config file to see the OIDs I need...

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