[mrtg] Avoid Displaying a Legend below the graph: Define globally

Pfirter Lukas lp at rpag.ch
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Hi Steve.
mmmh, what is routers2? Are you talking about MRTG 2?
Actually, like I wrote in my first mail, it works to avoid displaying
one of the Legends below the graph with the described option (per
target, [router1] as example).
But it does not work to disable the legend for multiple targets at once
(using the [_] underscore wildcard).


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Define globally

	If you are using routers2 as your frontend, then this will
happen. I think Tobi added this option to LegendI/O more recently and I
never noticed it...  routers2 does not currently have support for
disabling only the legend in normal graphs.


	In routers2 you can also set the 'nodetails' and/or 'nolegend'
options in userdefined graphs to suppress part or all of the legends.





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Define globally


	Hello all, 
	I get the following from the mrtg documentation on MRTG.org: 

	Note, if LegendI or LegendO are set to an empty string with 
	The corresponding line below the graph will not be printed at

	Now, when I use this as a Target specific value it works, e.g.:

	But I have a large config file, where only a single piece is
target specific and the rest is globally defined. 
	Now, when I use this for every device, it doesn't work, e.g.: 

	Does anyone have an idea why this doesn't work? Is it a bug? 
	Can you try to do this with your config? Just put in
"LegendO[_]:" at the top and look if the second legend (output, the blue
one) below the graph disappears.



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