[mrtg] Fixed MAX Speed

Stuart Kendrick skendric at fhcrc.org
Tue Mar 13 14:32:02 CET 2007

hi ryan,

i haven't run into this issue.  seems to me that Unscaled is the default 
... so i have to actually unset it to evade it, as i do below

#### cfwConnectionStatValue.protoIp.currentInUse ####
. at ga-fw:::::1
Title[ga-fw_pixConn]:ga-fw cfwConnectionStatValue.protoIp
PageTop[ga-fw_pixConn]:<H1>ga-fw cfwConnectionStatValue.protoIp</H1>

would you post the relevant portion of your config file?


stuart kendrick

Ryan Katzorke wrote:
> Can anybody tell me if it is possible to have the MRTG Graphs display 
> MAXBYTES as the Maximum on the Y-Scale of the MRTG Graphs.
> We are using MRTG to monitor all of our WAN circuits.  However, at a 
> glance, the graphs are misleading.  For example, we have a 15Mbit 
> Circuit that when looking at the graph appears saturated, however, it is 
> really only at about 5.2Mbit due to the way the graph scales.  I have 
> tried using the unscaled parameter but it does not make any difference. 
> Can anybody point me in the right direction here?
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