[mrtg] Upgrade

Luis Carlos Solano lsolano at racsa.co.cr
Tue Mar 13 21:10:56 CET 2007

Bryant, Tracy wrote:
> Good afternoon all,
> I’m currently running MRTG v2.11.1 on Windows 2003 Server. I would 
> like to upgrade to the latest version 2.15.0. Is there any specific 
> way of doing this without having to do the complete install all over 
> again?
I've never used MRTG on Windows, but in general, you can uninstall and 
then, install the new version without any problem. The only thing is to 
be sure the uninstaller does not delete neither your config file nor 
your mrtg files (.log, .html, etc).

In fact, last time I upgraded MRTG I just uninstalled the current 
version, Installed the new one and done. If you do that in less than 
5min, you can barely see that something happened in your graphics.

What I did:

i. I stopped the system to call MRTG every 5min (crond in unix, 
programmed tasks in windows I think).
ii. Unistall
iii. Install the new version
iv. I set back my crond to call again mrtg every 5min.

Luis Carlos.

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