[mrtg] how to show 383 MB Ram in cfg file

Johannes Prost Johannes at yorktondigital.ca
Wed Mar 21 05:00:07 CET 2007

Hello all,

it's a stupid question, but I am relly mixed up and don't get it to work properly.
I want to graph free & committed RAM. The OID's I have correct, but the output which mrtg 
graphs is not correct and at the same time the line is just "dead", no up's and down's so 
to speak.
Here my cfg snippet:

. at
AbsMax[ram]: 383000
MaxBytes[ram]: 383000
Options[ram]: growright, gauge, nopercent, nobanner
YLegend[ram]: RAM
ShortLegend[ram]: B
Legend1[ram]: Available RAM
Legend2[ram]: Committed RAM

The machine has physical 383 MB Ram. My log file of the cfg file says nothing about an 
error. The file with the data of the target is running every 300 sec. but the numbers are 
the same all time, no updates. So I am assuming it must have to do something with the 
coorect MB size set for MaxBytes AbsBytes.

Any help  very appreciate.


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