[mrtg] 64-bit counters with SNMPv1?

Forthofer Russ Russ.Forthofer at ssfhs.org
Thu Mar 22 15:57:33 CET 2007

Thanks for the input, Amos.  Yes, I did check the Nortel site and came
to the same link you pointed out.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find
any references to SNMP (other than SNMP traps) in these documents.  I
have contacted our Nortel engineer for further followup on this, but I
was hoping it was possible to instruct MRTG to grab the 64-bit counters
using SNMP v1.


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On 22/03/07, Forthofer Russ <Russ.Forthofer at ssfhs.org> wrote:
> is used.  However, in this case, v2 is apparently not supported.  To 
> verify this, I entered the following commands:
> snmpget -c commstr -v 2c xx.xx.xx.xx
> Timeout: No Response from xx.xx.xx.xx)
> snmpget -c commstr -v 1 xx.xx.xx.xx
> IF-MIB::ifHCInOctets.17 = Counter64: 6058121224)
> This suggests to me that the box does not support SNMPv2.  Is there a 
> way for me to make use of the 64-bit  counters, while using SNMPv1?  
> (Or if someone knows of a way to enable SNMPv2 on a Nortel OM3500, 
> that would also be a quite acceptable - perhaps preferable -  
> solution.)
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried to dig Nortetl's web site to confirm this? I'm not an
expert but my gut feeling is that anything released in the last decade
that already supports SNMP should support version 2c or above.

Here is a link to get you started:


I can't actually download the documents from this page because I don't
have Nortel account but you should be able to. (and if not - where are
the manuals which arrived with the box?).



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