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Dean, Mike mdean at landstar.com
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I just finished a perl script to track this information (testing it
now).  I'm more than happy to share it, just send an email to me
(directly, not to the list please).  Or, if you want to right one
yourself (in perl or something else), here are the OIDS you need to
ensure that get the correct policy every time, as some of the OID index
values do change.  I'm also including the Pre and Post bit rate OIDs.  

The Pre OID is the bit rate that traffic came into the router.  The post
is what happened after the policy was applied.  If your QoS policy does
traffic shaping or policing, the Post value would be less than the Pre
value if packets were dropped/buffered due to the QoS policy:

Get Interface ifIndex from ifDescr (
i.e., (18 is the ifIndex) = MFR1.500

Get the list of QoS ifIndexes (cbQosIfIndex) cbQosIfIndex) = 18

Get a list of the classes and their indexes from cbQosCMName
i.e., (309505 is the index) = FTP

Get the QoS class map index for the interface from cbQosConfigIndex
ex) = 1059(cbQosCMName)

Get the Pre-QoS bit rate from cbQosCMPrePolicyBitRate
figIndex) = <bit rate>

Now, get the bit rate from cbQosCMPostPolicyBitRate
nfigIndex) = <bit rate> 


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Could I monitor the interface policy counters in a Cisco router?
("service-policy output POLICYNAME" IOS command)
I didn't find anything about such MIBs...


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