[mrtg] New Nortel Switches

Scott Ocken scott at infobunker.com
Mon Mar 26 17:17:25 CEST 2007

I am running 2.15.1 and cfgmaker can't get ifAlias from newer Nortel  
switches for the Port Description.
I did a couple of quick hacks in cfgmaker that "fixes" the problem,  
but there is should be a better way to add this to a real release.  My  
diff is below.

diff cfgmaker cfgmaker.orig
<     } else
<     {
<         push @Variables, "ifAlias";
<                         /^alias2$/ && do {$if_title_desc =  
"$$i{ifAlias}"; last};

I also added a new interface description type alias2 because alias  
took the Switch Description plus the ifAlias and this got way too long.

Any input welcome.  And I can test stuff on Nortel Switches and  
Juniper Routers if need be.


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