[mrtg] 64-bit counters with SNMPv1?

Forthofer Russ Russ.Forthofer at ssfhs.org
Tue Mar 27 18:13:38 CEST 2007

The OM3500 has a Gig interface on the Ethernet side, and .5 G on the RPR
side.    Realistically, we will probably never hit more than 300Mb/s on
the RPR side.   Originally, I had my polling cycle way too high (15
minutes). I have now changed that to 2 minutes for the OM3500s.   I had
hoped to be able to use 64-bit counters, so that I could use less
frequent polling. 


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	On 3/26/07, Forthofer Russ <Russ.Forthofer at ssfhs.org> wrote: 

		I ran some additional tests, and it appears to me the
64-bit data may be
		bogus.  It would report 4K utilization on a link that
should be about
		50M or better.
		I did find out from Nortel that the OM3500 does NOT
support SNMPv2 - 
		only SNMPv1.  (I was hoping I just had to flip a switch
		So, it appears that my only option is to increase my
polling frequency.
		I have not checked the enterprise MIB, as you suggested,
but I will do 
		that now.  Not really holding too much hope for that,
		Thanks for your help.

	How fast are your interfaces? With 32-bit counters you should be
able to successfully graph bit over 100 mbps with 5-minute polling. Yet
you mentioned 50M - is that megabytes or megabits? If megabits then the
5-minute polling cycle should work just fine. If megabytes then you'll
need to go to a 1-minute polling interval which is good to about 550
megabits/second if I recall correctly. 
	Eric Brander 

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