[mrtg] MRTG showing incoming data during time when PC is shut off

Scott Ocken scott at infobunker.com
Sat Mar 31 19:48:41 CEST 2007

Quoting Rohit V Bhute <rvbhute at gmail.com>:

> 2. MRTG shows un-explainable incoming traffic during the time my PC is
> shut off - it's a home machine, so obviously its not ON all the time ;-)

Are you graphing a port on a switch that the PC is plugged into?
If so then what you are seeing as incoming traffic to the PC is most  
likely to be broadcast traffic from other devices on that network.   
There shouldn't be that much traffic.  If you are seeing a lot of  
broadcast traffic it could be a sign of a virus infected machine, but  
not always.  (I have seen that many times).

It would be helpful to see a graph and let us know what you are  
grabbing traffic data from.


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