[mrtg] Logscale and MaxBytes help

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed May 30 05:21:23 CEST 2007

> As long as I stay below MaxBytes I have the Y scale of the graph at
> like I want it to, but as soon as I go over MaxBytes (but under
> the Y scale jumps up to the level of actual data.
> as Soon as my current/max went above 280K, the scale went up to match
> Max (scale went up to 4.8M in this case), rather than the clipping
> you mentioned and I was hopping for.

If using routers2 as your frontend, then add the
'routers.cgi*Options[]:rigid' option to make the MaxBytes the upper
limit and clip the displayed data.  

Otherwise, I think standard MRTG will always rescale upwards for data
exceeding MaxBytes, even if you have UnScaled set.  Scaled mode just
means the upperlimit for Y will be the Max of the data, Unscaled mode
means that the Y upperlimit is the max of the data and MaxBytes. (But
please correct me if I'm wrong... things change...)


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