[mrtg] memory usage increases about 100MB per day

Stephan Faulmann pc-guru86 at web.de
Thu May 31 08:37:47 CEST 2007

I am running MRTG to monitor some switches. The switches are devided in serveral cfg. files and combined in one master file. MRTG is running in deamon mode as a service and logging to rrdtool. Ive configured it to run every minute.

I am using Active Perl 5.8.8 Bulid 820, all running on a Windows 2000 machine.


While recording, the memory usage of the wperl.exe increases about 100MB per day.

Has anyone an idea how to fix this?

Ive tried to use the versions 2.15.1, 2.15.2 and 2.14.2, but it is the same at all.


I am thankful for every hint or idea.


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