[mrtg] mrtg log losing data

Matthew Petach mpetach at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 04:18:12 CET 2007

We used to have that problem.  Turns out the locking code in
MRTG is somewhat iffy, and a second instance from cron was
trying to write to the file while the previous instance was still
running, causing the file to get corrupted/truncated.

I wrote a perl wrapper for MRTG that implements better file
locking to prevent that from happening on our systems, and we
haven't had a recurrance of it ever since.


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I recently setup mrtg to monitor firewall traffic, but am experiencing some difficulties.

My problem:
My graphs seem to randomly lose all historical data at least once a day
(no errors in the mrtg.log file).  The corresponding mrtg-logfile shows
all zeros except for the first few entries when this happens.  Also, I noticed that my logfile goes missing on regular occasions and only the .old file remains.

My setup:
-Using mrtg version 
2.15.1 on Fedora Core 7
-cronjob running every 5 minutes to pull data
-used cfgmaker to produce my config file and made a few small changes (added WithPeak[_]: ymw, XSize[_]: 600, and YSize[_]: 200)

I'm a new mrtg user, but I've scoured the FAQ and haven't found any resolutions to my problem.

Any ideas on why I'm loosing data in the mrtg-logfile?


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