[mrtg] Rateup Args/Docs?

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Wed Nov 14 00:45:06 CET 2007

Hello all,

Are the arguments for rateup documented anywhere besides in the script 
(some internal devel doc, of some sort, maybe?).

I'm in the process of switching over to rtg for a few things, but would 
like to have my graphs look the same -- even if it means I have to "spoof" 
mrtg by copying the data out of SQL to a mrtg pseudo-logfile, and then 
having rateup run over it manually (i.e. when the customer goes to view 
their graphs).

However, rtgplot doesn't run on windows (for reasons I cannot fathom). 
MRTG and rateup, however, do: so I'm looking to hybridize, for one 
important reason:

It seems that during the development of all these utils (rrdtool, mrtg, 
rtgplot, cricket, cacti, etbwmgr, others), nobody cared about consistent 
graph appearance, and the reality is: if users see the graph style change, 
they will often question any change in traffic patterns on the (obvious) 
change in graphing software.

That said, is there a devel doc that tells me which options are required 
(and which not) and in what order, or do I have to try to figure out 
rateup by reading stuff like this?


@exec = ("${FindBin::Bin}${MRTG_lib::SL}rateup",
                  $time, $$rcfg{'options'}{'unknaszero'}{$router} ? 
                  "$up_abs"."p", $inlast, $outlast, $absmax,
                  "C", $$rcfg{'rgb1'}{$router},$$rcfg{'rgb2'}{$router},
     } else {

         @exec = ("${FindBin::Bin}${MRTG_lib::SL}rateup",
                  $time, $$rcfg{'options'}{'unknaszero'}{$router} ? 
                  "$up_abs", $inlast, $outlast, $absmax,
                  "c", $$rcfg{'rgb1'}{$router},$$rcfg{'rgb2'}{$router},


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