[mrtg] CfgMaker: Target Naming Convention?

Daniel J McDonald dan.mcdonald at austinenergy.com
Wed Nov 14 14:01:48 CET 2007

On Tue, 2007-11-13 at 16:17 -0500, Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Nov 2007, Daniel J McDonald wrote:
> >
> > On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 16:46 -0500, Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
> >> Hey all,
> >>
> >> We would like to create entries like this with cfgmaker:
> >>
> >> Target[a-1-1]: 1:public at
> >
> >> I suppose I could do this with something complex like the --if-template
> >> option, but wouldn't it be easier to just have cfgmaker have a
> >> --target-name="a-1" option?
> >
> > No, using if-templates would be by far the easiest way to deal with
> > this.
> I just spent an hour looking at the cfgmaker code.  The easiest way to 
> patch this felt like adding a dummy SNMP option for the router, which 
> would be substituted for the target name (other options, like cfgmaker 
> (myrouter-)community at router might have also worked, with minimal twiddling 
> to getopt.  The problem is, I feel my changes wouldn't be accepted, as 
> they're non-standard, and I'd lose them if I upgrade, and my goal is to 
> try to do this with as many standard tools as possible (otherwise I'd just 
> generate configs without cfgmaker).

How about something like (note, not tested)
1.  You create a text file that lists real hosts and the changes. Call
it xlate.conf. Perhaps even regexes...  like:	A-4-	A-9-
1.2.3.([368])_	B-$1-

then, in the top of your iftemplate:
if ($is_ok) {
	open REGEX xlate.conf;
	while (my $reg = <REGEX>) {
		my @reg = split(/\t/,$reg);
		my $first = qr/$reg[0]/;
		my $second = qr/$reg[1]/;
		next unless $target_name =~ $first;
		$target_name =~ s/$first/$second/;
	close REGEX;
$target_lines = <<NEWNAME
Target[$target_name]: $if_ref:$router_connect
MaxBytes[$target_name]: $if_speed
Options[$target_name]: bits
WithPeak[$target_name]: wmy
Title[$target_name]: $html_if_snmp_name - $html_if_snmp_alias
PageTop[$target_name]: <H1>$html_if_snmp_alias - Traffic </H1>
} else {

Naturally, you can add whatever directives you would like to the
iftemplate. I normally add bbmrtg.pl and routers2.cgi directives, which
is why I started down the road of building iftemplates...

Daniel J McDonald, CCIE #2495, CISSP #78281, CNX
Austin Energy

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