[mrtg] Rateup Args/Docs?

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Wed Nov 14 18:04:20 CET 2007

On Wed, 14 Nov 2007, William Owen wrote:

> I had a similar requirement to store long term data for an application
> yet still produce MRTG like graphs in my Routers2 front-end for
> consistency.  To solve this, (mind you I'm using RRDTool as a back-end),
> I update to SQL and then to a batch update of the last X (I do it
> hourly) directly to RRDTool to sync the two and for graphing purposes.
> This means that the data in RRDTool is a little behind real-time, but
> for my purposes, this is acceptable.  You then create phantom MRTG
> configuration files (they are valid except that the target line contents
> are irrelevant and you never actually call it with MRTG) that your
> front-end uses to graph the data.

The problem again becomes consistency.  The rrdtool graphs don't look like 
the mrtg ones (nor am I using rrdtool).


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> Subject: [mrtg] Rateup Args/Docs?
> Hello all,
> Are the arguments for rateup documented anywhere besides in the script
> (some internal devel doc, of some sort, maybe?).
> I'm in the process of switching over to rtg for a few things, but would
> like to have my graphs look the same -- even if it means I have to
> "spoof"
> mrtg by copying the data out of SQL to a mrtg pseudo-logfile, and then
> having rateup run over it manually (i.e. when the customer goes to view
> their graphs).
> However, rtgplot doesn't run on windows (for reasons I cannot fathom).
> MRTG and rateup, however, do: so I'm looking to hybridize, for one
> important reason:
> It seems that during the development of all these utils (rrdtool, mrtg,
> rtgplot, cricket, cacti, etbwmgr, others), nobody cared about consistent
> graph appearance, and the reality is: if users see the graph style
> change,
> they will often question any change in traffic patterns on the (obvious)
> change in graphing software.
> That said, is there a devel doc that tells me which options are required
> (and which not) and in what order, or do I have to try to figure out
> rateup by reading stuff like this?
> -Dan
> @exec = ("${FindBin::Bin}${MRTG_lib::SL}rateup",
> "$$cfg{'logdir'}$$rcfg{'directory'}{$router}","$router",
>                  $time, $$rcfg{'options'}{'unknaszero'}{$router} ?
> '-z':'-Z',
>                  "$up_abs"."p", $inlast, $outlast, $absmax,
>                  "C", $$rcfg{'rgb1'}{$router},$$rcfg{'rgb2'}{$router},
>                  $$rcfg{'rgb3'}{$router},$$rcfg{'rgb4'}{$router},
>                  $$rcfg{'rgb5'}{$router});
>     } else {
>         @exec = ("${FindBin::Bin}${MRTG_lib::SL}rateup",
> "$$cfg{'logdir'}$$rcfg{'directory'}{$router}","$router",
>                  $time, $$rcfg{'options'}{'unknaszero'}{$router} ?
> '-z':'-Z',
>                  "$up_abs", $inlast, $outlast, $absmax,
>                  "c", $$rcfg{'rgb1'}{$router},$$rcfg{'rgb2'}{$router},
>                  $$rcfg{'rgb3'}{$router},$$rcfg{'rgb4'}{$router});
>     }
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