[mrtg] F5 LTM and GTM cpu graph

Blaise Vigilante bvigilante at ask.com
Thu Nov 15 20:12:32 CET 2007

       * sysHostCpuUser (.
          * sysHostCpuNice (.
          * sysHostCpuSystem (.
          * sysHostCpuUser (.
          * sysHostCpuNice (.
          * sysHostCpuIdle (.
          * sysHostCpuSystem (.
          * sysHostCpuIrq (.
          * sysHostCpuSoftirq (.
          * sysHostCpuIowait (.

Blaise Vigilante


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I sat down a few months ago with the GTM mibs. There are quite a few
interesting variables in there, but most of the time when I attempted to
snmpwalk/get against the OIDs nothing came back, like the variable
wasn't supported or enabled. The SNMP access configuration on the system
itself looks very simple, and I think I have all the OID trees enabled,
but it's looking like alot of these OIDs just aren't implemented.
I have not opened a ticket with F5 on this yet (it's been on my list of
things to do).
Just out of curiosity, what OIDs did they give you? I would like to try
to poll them.
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Subject: [mrtg] F5 LTM and GTM cpu graph

I need some help to create a cpu graph for my f5 LTM and GTM boxes.
I was sent a listing of 10 OIDs from their tech support and told that I
have to 
perform 2 seperate polls for each and then take the delta values.
Either I asked the wrong question or they make it very difficult to find
out the 
CPU utilization.
Has anyone been successful in creating a cpu graph for the GTM and LTM?
Blaise Vigilante
bvigilante at ask.com
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