[mrtg] Factor

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Nov 25 22:58:40 CET 2007

> > > Factor[cpu-temp]: 0.001
> > Some versions of MRTG only support integers in the Factor[]
> > when generating the graph images, for some reason 
> The logfiles contain the right values (48000). But I downgraded to
> 2.10.13 and the problem has gone. I just wanted to upgrade to use the
> new mail and hysteresis options, but the shell script is doing the job
> now :)

The Factor[] is processed *after* storing in the database (.log or .rrd)
and is only used when generating the graph image.  So, the logfiles will
always hold the 48000 values.  If you run in RRD mode, MRTG does not
generate the graphs, and so it never uses the Factor[] at all.

I think there may be a bug in the later version of MRTG that ignores a
decimal Factor[] when running in native mode and generating the graph.


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