[mrtg] MRTG Graph Drops Off after 128mbps

John Barbieri jdbarbieri at metrocast.net
Fri Nov 30 15:00:10 CET 2007

You have to use 64bit counters.

Usually, you can ad :::::2 after the target line, and that will use
64bit counters.


Ed Dela Cruz wrote:
> Hi,
>    We're using MRTG to monitor our bandwidth usage on our DS3
> links.  There seems to be a problem with the graphing if it goes above
> 128mbps.  I've attached a capture of whats happening. 
> Figure's 1 to 3 show our 3 DS3's traffic and figure 4 shows that
> traffic combined. For some reason, the combined traffic is showing
> major drops in bandwidth, but the 3 DS3's show normal bandwidth usage
> during that same time.
> It looks like the combined graph is chopping whenever the bandwidth
> usage goes above 128mbps.  The max speed for the graphs is set to
> 150Mbits/s. I'd appreciate if anyone could share any info that might
> help out.
> Regards,
> Ed Dela Cruz
> GTA Inet Support
> http://www.teleguam.net

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